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Full Professor in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

I'm full professor at the University of L'Aquila. My research activity is focused on theoretical and computational condensed matter physics, with particular attention in Superconductivity and two-dimensional materials.
Present teaching activities are Mechanics and Thermodynamics,
Laboratory of Computational Physics and Physics of Topological Insulators.


Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences and associate to SPIN-CNR

Via Vetoio, 10 67100
Coppito (L'Aquila) ITALY


Tel. +39 0862 433040
Mobile +39 328 0596160


Two dimensional materials

research Quasiparticle image of Pb/Si(111) surface

We are interested in the physical properties of low dimensional (one-dimensional and two-dimensional) systems: surfaces, interfaces, 2D materials (graphene, phosphorene, dichalcogenides...), nanowires, nanoribbons.

From the understanding of their fundamental properties, we envisage interesting technological applications. The close collaboration with renowed experiemental groups and collegues allows the realization and verification of theoretical and computational predictions...(read more in the publication list)


research Superconducting gap of MgB2

Superconductors are fashinating materials showing astonishing physical properties, whose accurate prediction will allow a theoretical and computational engeeniering of new superconducting compounds. In our group we develop theoretical and computational tools for first-principles calculations, allowing a complete design of new superconducting materials....(read more in the publication list)


research Snapshot of molecular dynamics simulation of water confined in graphene-oxide bilayer

The image contrast in MRI is due to the strong dependence of the water proton spin relaxation times on the specific physical-chemical environment of the tissues under study. In many clinical applications MRI relies on signal differences (contrast) between healthy and lesioned tissue which can be further increased by targeted contrast agents accumulating in the lesion which are typically molecular complexes and chelates based on paramagnetic metallic ion, such as gadolinium. Our research is focused on computational techniques to study alternative contrast agents based the large variety of graphene-based and two-dimensional materials, able to confine water in nanostructures.
(read more in the publication list)

Physics of Detectors

research Molecular dynamics simulation of a NaI phonon detector

Phonon detectors are studied by means of first-principles density functional theory and molecular dynamics simulations, in collaboration with the COSINUS project....(read more in the publication list)


A.A. 2020/2021

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  • Laboratorio di Fisica computazionale
  • 2D Materials


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